Prince Harry Has Balls Removed by His Anti-Hunting Wife

Prince HarryI usually do not write about the British royal family, because 1776 was a thing and ‘Merica. But I think I will make an exception for this story. Apparently, the new bride of Prince Harry put her foot down and banned her ginger husband form hunting.

According to the National Enquirer, Meghan Markle removed her husbands balls and tucked them neatly in her purse when she ordered her prince to skip his family’s bird shoot at Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate last August. The now emaciated Prince Harry has participated in the annual hunt since he was a young boy — alongside his father, Prince Charles, and brother, Prince William.

She also berated her sister-in-law about allowing 5 year old Prince George to attend the hunt. Hopefully, Kate told her to “Bugger off” and not get her knickers in a twist.

Maybe one day Princess Harry will grow a new pair and hunt again, but probably not any time soon.