Prince Harry Gives Up Hunting Because His Wife Does Not Like It

The British royal family has a long hunting tradition. Generations of royals have taken part in annual hunts at several of the family’s estates. Over the past few years, Prince Harry has mostly abstained from taking part, but now with his split with the royal family, it seems his hunting days are over.

According to The Tattler, a British Tabloid, Dame Jane Goodall made the claimed that Prince Harry will give up hunting for his wife, Meghan Markle.

The famed primatologist said that even though both Prince Harry and his brother Prince William campaign against illegal wildlife trade and supporting the conservation of endangered species, they both still hunt. Yet she added, “I think Harry will stop because Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so I suspect that is over for him.”

This is not the first time Harry’s hunting has caused a rift with his wife. Earlier in there marriage, she put the Prince’s balls in her purse and forbid him from taking part in a family hunt.

Prince Phillip with Prince William and Harry

William’s wife Kate, on the other hand, has taken to hunting. She has been photographed several times taking part in family pheasant shoots.

Maybe one day Harry will grow a pair and get back into hunting but that probably won’t happen any time soon.