Pro Bass Fisherman Sues Bernie Sanders for Using a Video of Him in Campaign Ad

South Carolina pro bass fisherman, Jason Quinn has filed a lawsuit against the Sanders campaign for the illegal use of footage featuring him and his boat.

According to The Herald, the lawsuit claims that Jason Quinn does not support Sanders, did not give permission to use the video, and has been harmed by the video’s portrayal of Quinn in reference to the trafficking of illegal drugs.

In the lawsuit, Quinn stated that Sanders and his campaign invaded his privacy and that they were grossly negligent and reckless in using the video. The video has had millions of hits on Facebook, YouTube, and other sites, the lawsuit states.

“Defendants did not obtain consent or seek to receive Quinn’s permission to use his likeness or identity,” the lawsuit states. “Plaintiff brings this action in order to vindicate an egregious, intentional false association created by the video whereby defendants suggested plaintiff is in any way associated in criminal activities, and specifically, that he is in any way associated with the trafficking of illegal drugs.”

The civil suit seeks to “vindicate the intentional false association created by defendants suggesting Quinn supports defendant Sanders, an association that directly conflicts with Quinn’s political and social values.”

The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order, followed by a permanent order, that prohibits Sanders from using Quinn’s identity along with actual and punitive damages.

“This outrageous video created by Mr. Sanders and his campaign, which has been seen by millions of people, portrays Mr. Quinn — in an extraordinarily public and harmful manner — as a criminal and a drug smuggler,” Zach Merritt, one of Quinn’s lawyers, said Monday. “Mr. Quinn is a lifelong Republican who opposes the policies of Mr. Sanders. He is appalled that Mr. Sanders’ team would engage in the unauthorized use of his likeness and image to further Mr. Sanders’ campaign and his positions. This portrayal is completely contrary to who Mr. Quinn is as a person.”

The Sanders campaign has not commented on the lawsuit.

Here is the ad at the heart of the suit. The clip in question can be seen at the 1:47 point in the video.