Professional Boxer in Serious Condition after killing a bear that mauled his friend to death

A Russian boxer is in “grave condition” after fighting off and stabbing a bear after killing his friend.

“I heard screams. They shouted: ‘A bear!’ ” eyewitness Denis Chebotar, 41, told East 2 West news of “The Revenant”-, which occurred near the Irtysh River in Siberia.

The attack occurred when Vyacheslav Dudnik, 48, was fishing with his friend Ilya Medvedev, a decorated professional boxer. A brown bear reportedly mauled Dudnik to death before attacking Medvedev.

Chebotar rushed to help as the bear was mauling his second victim and fired several shots at the bear. The bear took the bullets and kept attacking and knocked the gun away from Chebotar.

A decorated boxer, Medvedev has competed in the Russian national championships as well as other national contests. The fighter captured the 140-pound title at the Armed Forces Boxing Championships in 2019.

Left with no other recourse, Medvedev started “stabbing it with a knife,” recounted Chebotar. Finally, he managed to dispatch the predator but suffered severe wounds during the struggle, East 2 West news reported.

Chebotar dragged the “barely alive” boxer to the boat and transported him to the hospital, where he is currently in intensive care with lacerations to the head and body, per reports from the Uvatsky district, in the Tyumen region.

Denis Chebotar (above) had transported a “barely alive” Medvedev to the hospital following the vicious battle. He is currently in intensive care with lacerations to the head and body.