Progression of a Timber Rattler Bite

Timber Rattle snakes are one of the scariest snakes that one can encounter east of the Mississippi. As you can see from the following pictures their venom can pack a serious punch.

Dalton Doris posted the following series of pictures to Facebook. They lay out the progression of a baby timber rattlesnake. viewer discretion is advised.

So one of my best friends got bit by a baby timber rattler on May 10th here in middle Tennessee. I figured I would share with you guys the result of getting bitten in the finger by a baby rattlesnake. The doctors say he will keep his finger and it will be back to normal in 6-8 months. Keep this in mind next time you are in the woods. I know I have changed my mind set on not taking them seriously after seeing this. And no, he was not messing with it. He was picking up some metal and the snake was under the metal. He never knew it was there. Feel free to share.
To anyone trying to be a stay at home doctor –
His finger stays wrapped 2” thick In Gauze and bandages. He goes to the doctor every 2 days and gets it looked at. It’s fine. His hands are dirty cause some people still have to go to work every day.

24 Hours
4 Days
7 Days
7 Days After Fluid is Drained
2.5 Weeks
2.5 Weeks Different Angle
3 Weeks
3 weeks side view

He still has a long road to recovery. I would not want to wish this one anyone. Get well soon.