Raccoon Attacks Man after Being Freed From Live Trap {VIDEO}

I am not sure if people realize this but a trapped raccoon is mean. If they feel they can get out of Dodge then they will turn and fight. This guy found out the hard way.

I am not sure what this guy was trying to do. Did he think he was going to do? Gently pick it up and the angry wild animal would let him?

This is exactly the reason when I rescued a raccoon from an Army tank in my viral video, I threw that coon and did not give him a chance to tear me up.

Honestly, I hope this guy is OK, but I do not really feel sorry for him. You need to be smarter when dealing with wildlife. He eventually gets the raccoon corralled but I bet he has some scratches.

This video was posted to Facebook by Jamaal Davis. There is not too much information on where this happened or the extent of the guys injuries.

Bruh WTH?!?

Posted by Jamaal Davis on Wednesday, August 5, 2020