Raccoon Brutally Beaten to Death with Baseball Bat By BLM Protesters {Graphic VIDEO}

It has almost been a year since a pair of teens brutally beat a deer to death in the Pennsylvania woods. A leaked video of the killing went viral and led to the arrest and prosecution of the two involved. Now another video has surfaced showing a group of Black Life Matter protested doing close to the same thing to a raccoon.

The video that was posted to Twitter, shows a car run over the raccoon, back up and run over it a second time. Onlookers than proceed to brutally beat the animal with a baseball bat, striking it multiple times before it finally died.

The video was originally posted by James Blue but his video has been taken down but others remain up in an effort to identify the perpetrators.

In the comments of the video, James justified the brutal beating of the animal by suggesting that caring about animal abuse is white privilege and somehow Trump’s fault by saying that “Black lives matter” and “Only white people worry about animals” and to “Worry about cops killing black people.”

His niece also came to his defense saying basically the same thing,“only white peoples worry about this.”

The video is pretty graphic viewer discretion is advised.

Hopefully, they find the people responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.