Rancher Hilariously Pranks Her City Slicker Neighbor

This is one of the funniest things I have read in a while. It just goes to show that just because you are a lawyer does not mean you are smart. In fact, this lawyer just proved the opposite and this rancher is my new hero.

Domonique Ferraro posted the following story to Facebook and had me rolling.

So I have a neighbor (a lawyer from Las Vegas) his driveway to his house is immaculate, flowers, trees the whole 9 yards. I’m out moving the critters to a different pasture. I have Australian Collies so they are talkers I get it. You can hear me working the dogs from a mile away. Well, I’m out working the dogs in basically glorified underwear my muck boots and a jacket floppy boobs and all. I see my neighbor thinking he’s going to complain about my dogs working again, they don’t bark unless they are working. My neighbor crawls through the fence and is coming at me super pissed off…. yelling at me my damn goats keep eating his landscape.

I tell him I don’t have goats… he yells at me and says I’m an idiot and I do in fact have goats. He’s seen them eating the hay I put out. I ensure him I really don’t have goats. I ask if he has a picture of my said goats… Ya’ll he whips out his phone and shows me a picture of antelope! Wild flipping antelope. I told him “Ummm those aren’t goats those are pronghorn.”

He said no I asked my neighbor (on the other side of him) he said they are speed goats. If I find your stupid goats on my property again I’m calling the county on you. I give him a confused look and say okay you go ahead and do that, be sure you send them picture evidence of my goats on your property too, just so they know they are my goats.

Ya’ll he’s going to turn me into the county for wild animals eating his landscaping. This is going to be a riot!!!  I’ve included a picture of “my goats!” 

So I called my prankster neighbor Greg. I said, “Speed goats really?” You told the neighbor the antelope were my goats. He couldn’t stop laughing enough to get a sentence out. Basically he thinks I need to get a few real goats now to add to our animal population

At this point, Dominique posted the story to a group on Facebook and it started spreading.

All good things must come to an end sadly. This post was shared far and wide. My lovely neighbor was tagged in a post that was shared in some group in NV. He finally connected the dots and came storming over to my house.

Hubby was home and answered the door. The said neighbor is screaming at him about being a good neighbor and keeping his b***h in check. My husband, bless his heart, laughed at him and told him my wife might be many things but she isn’t a b***h, and she damn sure can tell the difference between a goat and an antelope. He then closed the door in his face. He stood there shocked for a few seconds and walked to the neighbor’s house can’t wait to hear what Greg has to say!
Kinda sad it’s over!

I am kind of sad it’s over as well. I wish he would have called the cops on her and tried to get her arrested. I am sure the look on the cop’s face would have been priceless.

Note: Parts of the story were edited down for clarity. You can read the full Facebook post here.