Randy Newberg, Hunter, has Facebook page hacked and stolen

Randy Newberg has been an outspoken personality in the hunting community for many years. He goes toe to toe with politicians from both parties in order to stand up for hunters. He is best known to many for his time on TV but to me, he is known for his podcast.

Randy Newberg has gained over 400k followers on Facebook, nearly 200k YouTube subscribers, and 130k followers on Instagram. This following was gained because his self-guided public land big game hunting captivated hunters across America. Randy has used his large social media presents to show people why we hunt.

Randy Newberg now needs our help. His Facebook page was hacked by what is probably Russian or Pakastani hackers. I have seen this happen to other pages but not a hunting page. These hackers are using his platform on Facebook to post stolen videos with ads on them. These hackers have amassed tens of millions of views from strange videos that do not represent hunting.

He has asked that everyone reports his page to help get the hackers taken off. If many people report his page at once, Facebook will be forced to take a look at what is going on. Randy has done such a great job of teaching people how to do self-guided hunts and kept his foot planted firmly up the butts of any politician that goes against hunting. Let’s help him get his page back by reporting the page and sharing this post.