For Years He Had No Idea What Rare Antique He Had Found

When it comes to peculiar pieces of history, nothing seems to be as interesting as guns.

Whether it’s a pistol stuck in a tree during the Civil War or an old sharps rifle found in the desert, one is for certain, guns have history. These devices designed to kill or defend come in all shapes and sizes.

This particular antique looks so strange, the man who found it had no idea that it was a firearm. While searching through his grandfather’s tool box, he came across this cool palm pistol from 1895! You can check out the video at the bottom to learn more about this antique weapon.

This palm pistol was just one of about 13,000 created. Many of them have long since been lost or destroyed. They were made by the Chicago Arms Company, are worth a pretty penny, and were featured in the clip below on “Antiques Roadshow”.

The gun’s owner tells the story behind it. His great grandfather first owned it. But after he passed, it was handed down to the man’s grandfather. But the grandfather didn’t know that it was a weapon. He thought it was just a tool. So, he put it in his tool box where it was forgotten over the years. Little did he know that keeping it in a safe place like that would preserve it and increase the value of it all these years and generations later.

At the 50-second mark of the video below, Piattoni the antique appraiser describes how the hand gun operated. There are seven chambers, which need to be loaded one at a time.

This is an amazing firearm and very excited for the owner to find out the history behind it.