Rare Deer Sheds Sell at Auction for $18,000

One of the most expensive sheds antlers was just sold at auction for $18,000. The unique record-setting sheds got the attention of collectors willing to pay an extremely high price for the pair even though only one of them has any real value.

The right antler has the number 2 (just over 14″), and the number 5 drop tine all time (slightly over 13″). The shed has no chews and comes with the smaller antler suspected to be from the same deer from another year. The buck is from Marshall county Illinois, and his sheds are among the most expensive ever sold at auction.

Unique sheds like this are worth money because all the collectors want to have the coolest sheds. It is similar to why a rare quarter can be worth $10,000, or a rare baseball card is worth over $100,000.

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May be an image of text that says '1:44 AT&T 80% Proxibid.com Wild Illinois Whitetail Shed Antler Crazy Droptine Lot 43F (Sale Order: 252 of 565) 127.1 Double Droptine Shed From Marshall County Illinois Excellent color no chews The bigger droptine just over 14" & the other one i just over 13" long with flyers Hands down the coolest shed so far for this Auction Comes with part of what is suspected to be shed from the same deer from previous year Sold for: USD 18,000.00 to onsite'