Rare video of hen turkey gobbling!

The Ohio State Chapter of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation posted a video that shocked many of its followers. The video shows a hen turkey gobbling like a tom.

Although it is rare and very few people have witnessed this happening, Hens do occasionally gobble. The video surprised many. Others left comments confirming that they had seen this in the past.

You can watch the video below.

here are some of the comments left on Facebook

Edward Tang Firman This happened to me and a friend about 20 years ago in N. J. We called a hen in, she was strutting just Like a gobbler. Every once in a while she would gobble. We called her back in six more times before she had enough. Never saw this before then or after.

Jim Bryson
 My son & I experienced this last year. Confused the hell out of us for a few minutes.