New York Couple Receives AR-15 Instead Of Toy Plane

A couple in Oceanside, New York got a surprise when they opened a package from UPS.

They were expecting to find a toy plane, but found an AR-15 instead. News reports state that they were “Horrified” and “they rushed their young daughter out of the room and called the police.”

Perhaps the only part of their reaction I agree with is calling the police. Being from New York and their draconian gun laws it was probably the best course of action to keep them legal.

Their other reactions seem over the top. It’s an inanimate object; it is not going to jump out of the box and get you or your child. Guns are not evil objects in and of themselves they are only as good or as evil as who is in control of them.

This is why everyone should have firearms training. There are hundreds of millions of guns in this country and it is not unfeasible that most people in this will come into contact with a firearm at least once in their life time. It would be beneficial for everyone to have basic firearms safety training.

And lastly why does this always seem to happen to anti-gun people? Why can’t an AR-15 show up at my door step? Some people have all the luck.

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