Recurve Huntress Drops Doe With Child Strapped to Her Back

Killing a deer is not an easy feat; killing one with a recurve is even harder; and killing one with a child strapped to your back is down right difficult, but Beka Garris was able to get it done.

Last deer season, the Daily Mail did a hit piece on Beka for taking her child hunting with her. She responded to the article with class and the critism did not stopped taking her daughter with her into the woods while she hunts.

The horrible headline ran by the Daily Mail

This year it has been more of the same, young Isabella has accompanied her mom on many hunting trips and this year the two hunting partners had success.

Beka was able to shoot a nice doe while the two were out hunting public land in Ohio. The Jumped some bedded deer and one of the does made the mistake of not running away with the others and stood up giving Beka a 15 yard shot.

Here is the story in Beka’s own words from her Facebook post.

I almost didn’t hunt this morning, but sure glad I put aside my doubts and went anyway! As usual, I was hiking in public land (as quietly as possible with Isabella on my back) and jumped a few bedded deer. I stood there for a few seconds watching them run off and this doe stood up about 15 yards in front of me. I didn’t even really have time to think about it, I just shot. I’m a snapshooter and probably always will be. Bad thing or not, it’s helpful in times where you have to make quick decisions. She took off and my heart started to sink as I saw my arrow hadn’t made a clean pass through. I found part of my arrow broken off once I started tracking, and not a ton of blood. I tried not to panic and ended up finding her roughly 70 yards from where I shot her. The broadhead had got both lungs, but as there was no pass through the arrow plugged the entry hole a bit making the blood minimal. Overall an absolutely amazing hunt, a reminder of why I do it. Ironically my husband worked a day shift today so I had no one to call to help drag. I was on my own which is no joke with Isabella on my back…it was a much longer drag than last year and I am feeling it but there’s nothing like a determined woman. I also used a tripod for these pictures and they came out pretty good… Isabella just wanted to keep petting the deer so most of them you can’t see her face LOL. P.S. I will write the full story in an article in the near future, there’s a lot more that won’t fit in an Instagram caption. Thanks for reading 😊

Congratulations on the beautiful doe. Thankyou for showing your daughter your passion and passing on to her your way of life. You are an inspiration to us all and a hunter we can all look up to.