Remington Ammunition Goes Back into Production 24/7

In late, 2020 Remington Firearms company was broken up in a huge bankruptcy case. The company was split up and only now are all the pieces starting to reopen and employees are returning to work. The brand name was essentially split as well with the firearms and ammunition both using the name but owned by different companies.

The company that makes Remington firearms reopened at the beginning of march with the iconic 870 shotgun being the first gun. Now the company that owns the ammunition side of Remington has swung into full-time production. Hopefully, making a dent in the nationwide ammunition shortage hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts are suffering from.

According to Randy Wakeman, Vista Outdoors the parent company of Federal Ammunition and Bushnell acquired the Remington Ammunition brand and all of its holdings from Franklin, JP Morgan Chase, and other creditors for $81.4 million at auction.

This transaction caused production and employment to slip, but as of April of 2021. Remington’s factories in Arkansas are back to not only full production but have kicked production into overdrive and are working as hard as they can to get the ammo shortage under control.

Randy Wakeman released a video on YouTube explaining the steps the company has taken to get things going and address the issues sportsmen are having.