Remington Announces Reopening of Firearms Factory – First off Assembly Line will be the Company’s most Iconic Gun

Over the last few years hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts have watched the saga of the Remington Firearms company. We watched them declare bankruptcy and the ensuing auction that divided up their assets to the highest bidder.

However, the saga appears to be coming to an end as the firearms emblazoned with the name Remington will continue production in their historic Ilion, NY, factory.

According to the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated, the Roundhill Group’s Federal Firearm License (FFL) has been approved and they can now begin to manufacture guns under the Remington label.

The Roundhill Group acquired all of Remington’s firearm-related patents, with the exception of Marlin’s assets, which was bought by Ruger. Now with the FFL approved they plan of starting production on 1 March 2021 with 200 employees returning to work.

When asked what gun would the first manufactured Roundhill partner Richmond Italia responded with “It’ll be the 870, that’ll be the first gun,” He also promising to send photos of No. 1 before it’s going out the door—or hangs on the wall in celebration of the milestone.

It is good to see an iconic brand and shotgun making a comeback. I wish the new leadership luck and hope they make quality firearms that hunters and shooters will enjoy for years to come.