Remington CEO offers factories to help fight coronavirus [VIDEO]

Remington CEO Ken D’Arcy released a video on Monday regarding the state of Remingtons factories. The video was not what most expected since the factories were shut down by anti 2nd Amendment governor Cuomo.

The video starts with D’Arcy addressing his laid-off employees. He then makes a subtle jab at governor Cuomo for shutting down both of his factories in New York. The video did not beat up on the governor but instead offered a helping hand.

Remington has over 1 million square feet of manufacturing and distribution space that are not being used. D’Arcy points out that Remington has products that have served in every United States military conflict for 200 years. He then offers President Trump and Governor Cuomo full support to use their facilities during this coronavirus crisis.

The video ends with D’Arcy stating, ” It would be an honor to donate space to manufacture of mission-critical products such as ventilators, hospital beds, or anything else deemed necessary.”

It is great to see Remington put politics aside and offer a helping hand to the Governor that wants to close down his business.