REPORT: YETI told NRA to Stop Using Logo before Backlash

More details are emerging about  the NRA/YETI feud. First the NRA claimed that YETI stopped selling them products to use as fund raisers and other programs. YETI responded by saying that the NRA is not telling the truth. Now Reports say that YETI told the NRA to stop using their logo for promotional purposes right after the Parkland shooting. So who do you believe?

Braitbart News reported on a statement from former NRA President and current Unified Sportsmen of Florida (USF) Executive Director Marion Hammer.

YETI severed ties with the NRA and is now engaging in damage control after a backlash from many of its customers. In early March, YETI refused to place a previously negotiated order from NRA-ILA, citing “recent events” as the reason – a clear reference to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida. YETI then delivered notice to the NRA Foundation that it was terminating a 7-year agreement and demanded that the NRA remove the YETI name and logo from all NRA digital assets, as well as refrain from using any YETI trademarks in future print material. While YETI is trying to spin the story otherwise, those are the facts. While Yeti can choose to run from the NRA, they can’t run from the facts.

If the statement is true it seem that in fact YETI is choosing not to support the NRA and the NRA’s initial statement is true. YETI seems to be going back on a previous agreement with the NRA and was trying to silently distance themselves from the organization.

In YETI’s statement they NEVER say that they support the NRA. They only claim to support the constitution and the 2nd amendment. Now that begs the question. Is supporting the 2nd amendment the same as supporting the NRA? And does pulling your support from them mean that you now longer support the constitution?

Those are not easy questions to answer. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I will try and write a conscience of what sportsmen think on the topic.