Rescuers Saw Off Bear’s Head to Save Man

Crazy story out of New Mexico. A man was walking his dog when he was attacked by a bear. He drew his side arm and killed the bruin, but not before the bear did serious damage to his right leg. The crazy part is that after the bear died it jaws remained locked around his calf. Rescuers were forced to saw the 400lbs bears head off in order to get him free.

According to KRQE Fox 13, Bridger Petrini was exercising his hunting dogs near his home just outside the small city of Raton. He saw a bear and it charged.

“When he saw me, he pinned his ears down and immediately made a big charge at me… Down the hill, we went again rolling and he had bit me a time or two but he was never able to get on my upper body, so my legs took most of it,” said Petrini.

Petrini was able to pull his side arm and kill the bear as it was latched unto his leg.

“Somehow or another, he had bitten down on my calf muscle it had basically twisted it over his bottom jaw so he died with his teeth locked and so I wasn’t able to get away from him,” Petrini said.

Raton Fire Department, along with Game and Fish, responded to the scene, but moving the nearly 400-pound animal proved challenging so they eventually sawed the bear’s head off, leaving it attached to Petrini’s leg.

“When they cut the bear’s head off then they were able to maneuver to where the could get it off my leg,” Petrini said.

New Mexico Fish and Game stated that they have seen a number of bear attacks but they had never seen anything like this.

Petrini received over 200 stitches and is now recovering at home. Our prayers go out to him and wish a speedy recovery.