Restaurant Owner Eats Steak in Front of Vegan Protest

A group of vegans thought they were making a difference when they organized a protest against a Canadian restaurant called Antler. A wild game inspired restaurant that service meat that is native to Canada, such as deer, duck, bison, and rabbit. Their fare seems to be one of the main  reason it was targeted.

The Protest started out fine but, the owner turned the tables on them in the most epic way possible. During the middle of their protest one of the owners brought out a venison leg and started butchering it in the front window. After it was cut up to perfection he proceeded to cook and eat it to the chagrin of the protesters.

According to Unilad, they were about an hour into the demonstration when the fun started. Michael Hunter, who calls himself ‘The Hunter Chef’, threw water over the demonstrators’ pavement chalking, and started carving the leg of a deer in the window, and then eating it while looking at them.

The spectacle lasted until police showed up and started talking to the owner. The protesters thought the had won until they saw the cop laughing with the owner. At that point the owner figured he made his point and cleaned up his meal and went back to the kitchen.

Protester Len Goldberg Issued the following statement.

It’s enough that that poor deer had her life taken and had her family destroyed. That was an individual, she may have had a family, she may have had children, she may have had a partner. She had her herd, her friends, her personality, her desires, her feelings, her wants, her fears, her loves, her character, her heart, her soul.

It’s enough that all of that was taken from her, but now we have her body being defiled and degraded to taunt people who were simply advocated for her kind.

We chose that particular location to do our vegan outreach because that restaurant goes beyond the profound problem of serving the bodies of murdered animals, to actually celebrating the murder of animals.

(Did they just assume the deer’s gender? Bigots)

Needless to say the protest failed miserably. Now everyone in Canada and probably half of the United States has now heard of the restaurant and I am sure it will do nothing, but drum up more business.  These protests rarely work and do nothing but drive customers to the place of business.

Michael Hunter you are awesome. Keep up the good work.