Rioters Destroy 120-Year-Old Elk Statue {VIDEO}

Over the past few weeks, statues and memorials have been targeted by protesters. Most of the statues targeted have been linked to either the Confederacy or slave owners in general.

This has not always been the case, however, statues of President Grant and others like him have also been targeted with no real reason except that they were statues. Statues of innocent animals are not even safe from the destruction. A 120-year-old elk statue in Portland Oregon has been destroyed by rioter protesting “racism.”

According to the Daily Wire, rioters in Portland, Oregon, destroyed the historic 120-year-old “Thompson Elk Fountain” on Wednesday night near a federal courthouse. They ripped off boards from nearby buildings and created a bonfire around the elk.

Like many online commentators we are at a lose for why an elk statue was targeted.

“Good,” commentator Stephen Miller quipped. “Racist elk had it coming.”

Australian political commentator Rita Panahi added, “Umm obviously because the elk is steeped in white supremacist symbolism and, umm I got nothing.”

The only real explanation is that the perpetrators just want to destroy.