Road Poacher in Viral Video Gets Cited

For some, the temptation to kill a big buck clouds a person’s judgment and they do stupid things. Like in this instance from West Virginia, where a guy shoots across a highway and kills a trophy buck. The shot and kill were taped by a friend and uploaded to social media and it did not take long for the local game warden to get involved.

According to WV Metro News, Emmett Estep was taped firing a shot from a high powered rifle across the highway and killing a buck on the hillside. The video made its round across social media and local game warden Dakoda Chattin started getting calls and messages.

“I had a lot of people text me the video and send me pictures of him holding the deer. The comments on the Facebook post showed people were pretty upset. It was pretty much a case closed after that,” said Chattin.

It did not take long for Chattin to identify Estep and cite him for hunting from a motor vehicle, shooting within 25 feet of a motor vehicle, shooting across a public roadway and illegal possession of wildlife.

Chittim confiscated the buck’s head but decided not to confiscate Estep’s rifle and truck that were part of the investigation. He also referred to Estep as, “… a good guy who just made a mistake.”

The size of the buck will result in a more substantial penalty. The buck scored 167 and had a 17 1/2 inch spread and will result in an extra $1,500 tacked on to the regular fines and court costs.