Robert W. Gore, the Man Who Revolutionised the Outdoor Industry Passes Away at 83

The name is Robert W. Gore my not ring a bell for most people, but if you have spent any time in the Outdoors you know his product that in many ways revolutionized the outdoor industry. His product still bears his name, Gore-Tex.

According to Fox Business, on September 17, 2020, Robert W. Gore the inventor of Gore-Tex fabric passed away at his home in Maryland at age 83 from a prolonged illness.

Robert was working for his father’s business in 1969 when he was assigned a project of finding a better way to make plumbers tape. Robert discovered that if you take PTFE, commonly known as DuPont’s Teflon, and give it a sudden yank it expands by 1000 percent.

The material created is perforated with millions of tiny holes that are smaller than a water droplet. They used this product to create waterproof clothing that is breathable.

Gore-Tex has not only revolutionized the outdoor industry but also the military and many other activities around the globe.

Thank You Mr. Gore for all that you contributed to the outdoor world. Your discovery has helped millions enjoy the great outdoors and we are eternally grateful.

Gore is survived by his wife, Jane, as well as children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Please, keep this family in your prayers.