Running Trail Shut Down after Two Coyote Attacks

For the most part, coyotes are afraid of humans and avoid them if at all possible. However, there are cases where humans have been attacked but those cases are extremely rare and to have two attacks at the same place on the same day is extremely rare.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a California municipality is taking precautions and closing popular jogging trail after two separate coyote attacks took place on the same day.

(File photo by Bruce Chambers, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Mission Viejo closed Jeronimo Open Space trails following the attacks, a city Facebook post says.

The first attack was on a woman doing her normal jog. She has reported on seeing coyotes there in the past but they have always left her alone, but this time it was different. A coyote came out of no where and bit her on the calf as she was jogging.

“I didn’t even see this one,” Wittmer said. She smacked it with her water bottle.

“I turned around and looked at it, and he kind of looked at me like, ‘why’d you hit me’ and I kind of looked at him like, ‘why’d you bite me?’”

The coyote then took off and Wittmer called 911 and went to the hospital.

Coyotes are way more likely to attack pets than people

The second attack occurred around 6:30 am that same day where a man was bit on the ankle while he was walking. No other information about that attack is know at this time.

No one is really sure what prompted the attacks but the city’s animal service center is working with the Department of Fish & Wildlife to get answers. While they try and figure out what is going on the trail will be temporarily closed.

Coyotes seem to be adapting more and more to human presence attacks like this could start to be more common.