Russian Bear Hunter Survives Brutal Bear Attack [NSFW,Very Graphic]

Photos of a brutal bear attack were published Sunday.


It is hard to tell exactly what happened, because the Google’s translating tool did not do a very good job of translating the post into English. From piecing together the gibberish and by looking at the pictures here is what I have come up with.


It reminds me of the movie the Revenant. A couple hunters were attacked by a brown bear. One was killed but the other survived. The surviving hunter then tracked down the bear and killed it. What makes this story almost unbelievable is the extent of the survivor’s injuries. He literally had his face chewed off.

Here is the original post take a look at it and judge for yourself what happened.

Original Post

Охота очень серьёзное занятие, тем более если идёшь на медведя, этим охотникам не повезло, медведь сам устроил охоту на них, не смотря на такие увечья один из охотников остался жив, после этой схватки, медведя выследили и убили убили, не всегда человек может победить, иногда бог видимо даёт шансы и животным..

Translated into English by Google Translate:

Hunting is a very serious hobby, especially if you go on a bear, these hunters are not lucky bear himself arranged the hunt for them, even though such injury is one of the hunters was still alive after this battle, the bear tracked down and killed the killed are not always people can defeat sometimes god apparently gives chances and animals ..


But the pictures really tell the story. It is amazing that this guy survived. The reason I think he is the survivor and not the one killed is he appears to be holding himself up.

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