Rutting Buck Attacks Bowhunter {VIDEO}

Brandon Coatney from Herold, Illinois, was bowhunting when he encountered an 8 point that he will never forget.

The buck started by walking up to him and pushing him with his antlers. You can see in this 30-second video that part of the encounter. While Brandon pushes the buck back, it starts to get more aggressive. The video stops because Brandon realized the encounter could get serious quickly.

This is what he wrote about the incident on Facebook.

So this happened to me yesterday here in Illinois. My brother and I are hunting public land and I decided to get down to observe another area on the ground when all of a sudden a young buck wanted to fight me. I’m glad he wasn’t a bigger buck because this story could’ve turned out differently. This goes to show you that you have to be on your toes with all wild animals. I’ve hunted all my life and never have I thought a wild deer would do this. I had to cut the video short at the end because he was trying to stick me with his horns and it got little sketchy.