S.D. Attorney General Thought He Hit a Deer, Turns Out it was a Person

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg released a statement where he admitted to hitting and killing a pedestrian while driving home from a fundraiser. In his statement, he states that he initially thought he struck a deer, but when he returned to the scene the next morning he discovered the body.

According to CBS 19 News, Ravnsborg stated that he heading home from a Republican fundraiser when his vehicle hit something he believed was a large animal. Ravnsborg said he called 911 and looked around his vehicle in the dark using a cellphone flashlight. He said all he could see were pieces of his vehicle.

The next morning he returned to the accident scene and discovered the body of 55-year-old Joseph Boever, who was returning his vehicle that he had wrecked no far from where the incident took place.

Currently the incident is under investigation by the South Dakota Highway Patrol with assistance from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation since the South Dakota Bureau falls under Ravnsborg’s office.

Joseph Boever’s family is not happy with how the investigation unfolded. Stating that they felt frustrated with and suspicious about the investigation, especially after it tool investigators almost 22 hours to allow them to identify the body.

“A human doesn’t look like a deer,” said Joseph’s cousin Victor Nemec. “The whole thing stinks to me.”

Please keep the Joseph’s family in your prayers and that they get closer and that the investigation revels the truth what ever it may be.