Scent Companies Use New Research To Certify Urine CWD Free

In an effort to fight Chronic wasting Disease nine states have banned deer hunters from using natural urine, and as CWD spreads more states will probably consider instituting similar bans. To combat these trends, scent companies are researching ways to ensure their products are CWD free and pose no risk of spreading the disease.

The Wildlife Research Center and Tink’s has teamed up with CWD Evolution to develop a test that detects CWD in the urine.  RT-QuIC testing is the newest test available and by using it the companies plan on certifying their natural urine products by the 2020 hunting season.

According to CWD Evolution:

RT-QuIC is a next-generation assay for CWD detection and has been shown to be more sensitive than a immunohistochemistry test in multiple studies.
CWD can be detected more often and sooner using RT-QuIC. 

RT-QuIC testing requires less tissue than other methods for live animal CWD testing which can allow for more consecutive biopsies.

RT-QuIC has been validated in 3 independent peer reviewed studies for live animal testing for CWD.

More than 3000 RT-QuIC tests have been performed in different laboratories with excellent reproducibility and correlation of results. 

RT-QuIC is a prion amplification test that determines if samples contain CWD seeding activity and which deer or elk will be positive for CWD.  

RT-QuIC is not a USDA approved test for CWD but in all cases deer or elk that test positive by RT-QuIC either have CWD or went on to develop CWD in later testing. 

In multiple peer reviewed studies RT-QuIC has been shown to be a more sensitive test for live animals. 

It is good to see companies taking the necessary steps to protect the deer heard and forwarding the research.