Scent Control: Low Tech Solutions

By Jordan  Hoover, Quest for the King

The hunting community is always concerned about scent. As a result the hunting industry has catered to that need. There is a plethora of scent control options available, ranging from scent killer sprays, to cover scents, to clothing lines, to the Ozone machines, etc. Much of it isn’t a cheap endeavor. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Over the years I’ve developed some simple processes that I feel are every bit as effective as anything the hunting industry has to offer and it doesn’t cost me much.

1.) I store my hunting gear year round in a simple Rubbermaid tote. Inside the bottom of that tote I place a fresh mix of natural materials every season. Usually a mix of pine boughs, cedar boughs, and some dirt. Unless I am wearing the clothing they stay in that tote. Post hunt they go right back in that tote unless I need to wash them. This baths my gear in a natural woods scent all year. I think you can’t beat that with anything off the shelf.

2.) I will make use of Dead Down Wind scent killer spray which is pretty cheap but effective. I don’t use it much but is nice to have if for example you have to get gas before the hunt. The smells of exhaust, fuel, and people in general gotta be purged before you hit the woods. That spray is handy in those situations.

3.) When I do wash my hunting gear I again use Dead Down Wind…no scent laundry detergent which also has a UV dampener which is an added bonus. NEVER wash your hunting gear in ANYTHING that isn’t scent free.

4.) Personal hygiene wise I use the Dead Down Wind body soap and pit stick before every hunt.

5.) Typically before I head in to the stand or out on a stalk I will find a pine or a cedar and rub some of it on my outer wear just for an extra boost.

6.) If I am stand sitting the entire day I carry a cedar cover scent manufactured by Scent Storm. Every couple of hours I might throw a shot on the tree or the blind.

All of the above listed have proven highly effective for me, and can be done for minimal cost when compared to other options. I’d say if you bought everything in one shot it might cost you $50. When compare to the $1,200 price tag to cover yourself head to toe in Scentlok it’s a solid option. Keep in mind that nothing is fool proof, and the whitetail has an incredible nose. All you can do is reduce risk. NOTHING eliminates risk no matter what the advertisement says. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Cheers.