School Under Fire for Sponsoring Raccoon Hunt

A school in Missouri has come under fire from animal rights activists for their annual raccoon hunt.

According to Kansas City Fox 4, A southeast Missouri school district has come under fire for a school-sponsored raccoon hunt. The Meadow Heights has been holding an annual raccoon hunt for the last 37 years.

This year calls and emails flooding into the district complaining about the event. According to FFA adviser Sarah Burgfeld many were filled with nothing of substance just name-calling and vulgarity. 2,200 people also signed an online petition to end the hunt, but it was to no avail. The hunt went as planned and they brought in 94 raccoons.

The annual event generally raises between $500 and $600, although that’s not the focus. Burgfeld says hunting provides “multi-generational, traditional bonding.”

According to Jack Coomer, president of Castor River Coon Hunters, the hunt club that helped with the event all raccoons either went home with the hunters or were given to a man who will utilize the hides and meat.

As hunters, we need to remain strong and support events such as this one. Anti-hunters are trying to cut us off at the knees by attacking or traditions and doing their best to keep us from passing on hunting to future generations.