Need A Night Vision Scope For Predator & Pest Control?

The REAP-IR uses the latest 12 micron BAE thermal core technology.

REAPIR-1(See it in action in the videos at the bottom)

If you have looked into thermal scopes before then you already know about the MK II & MK III. They are two of the most popular thermal scopes on the market.

The REAP-IR is the new kid on the block. The first thing that you will notice is how much lighter the unit is than the MK II and MK III and also the superb image quality from the 35mm GASIR lens.

The benefit to the GASIR lens, is that it does not contract and expand like a normal germanium lens. This allows the lens to be mounted in the housing without the need for extra space to account for expanding and contracting. On the bottom of the REAP-IR objective lens housing there is a hole that leads to a channel that they pump full of some type of epoxy or potting material. That’s a good thing because it suspends the lens and makes it much more recoil resistant especially when using heavier calibers.

The REAP-IR optimizes the SWAP mind set with its small packaging combined with it’s lightweight features. When you need a thermal weapon sight that fits perfectly on a tactical rifle you need not look no further as the REAP-IR will deliver. The REAP-IR system is powered by the new BAE Systems MicroIR thermal core that uses the latest 12 micron sensor technology. Now you can have a 60hz frame rate with increased magnification all in a compact military grade package.

The REAP-IR has all the features and performance of the IR HUNTER Mark Ill and the size and weight factor of the IR PATROL. The REAP-IR truly is the best of both systems incorporating a 12° degree field-of-view lens with the new stadiametric range finder.

Having 2.5x magnification combined with the 640×480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core in the small tactical package makes the REAP-IR ideal for Special Operations, Tactical Teams, border security, and night hunters. Every REAP-IR has a 60hz fast frame rate at no addition cost. The fast frame rate will be very useful for leading a shot of a fast moving target.

The REAP-IR comes with a special Edge Detect Mode

The REAP-IR has an Edge Detection feature that produces an entirely different new way of viewing your target. Edge Detect mode is also a fraction of the brightness of other modes so your eyes are not as prone to night blindness after coming off the scope. There are certain tactical situations that require your display to me very dim so as not to be detected, and to reduce night blindness after coming off of your eye piece. The REAP-IR has an advanced feature that has been used on certain high end military thermal sights for years. Edge Detect gives you an entirely different way to view your target, with 90{5c20afc010e65415aecac9ea1262ea64a0924a29c29fc9ad7cafd2eeb769a435} of the screen black, and only the edges surrounding your target white. This is an extremely useful feature and is not found on any other commercially available thermal weapon sights.

This Truly is an amazing piece of technology. Although it comes in a little bit pricey, it is well worth the money to be sure of your target and you make those quick clean shots.

See the REAP-IR in action.