See Through Suppressor Filmed with High-Speed Camera

Have you ever wondered how a suppressor works? Or, how it actually dissipate the gases after firing resulting in a quieter a shot? Well, you can stop wondering and check out this amazing video from Smarter Everyday.

They explain the science behind how a suppressor works and then show you what happens when they fire a few rounds through a clear suppressor.

Their first shot does not go as planned when they test a prototype with a .308. The threads can not take the pressure and they fail, which sends the outer shell of the can flying.

The next shots they take on an already tested model through a .223 and it works like a charm.

The film itself is a thing of beauty. The muzzle flash and seeing the gases dissipate through the can is extremely informative. You get a real sense at what is going on and how it works.

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