Sen. Ted Cruz Kills Buck and Liberals Lose Their Mind

We have seen time and time again that if anybody of notoriety goes hunting and makes a social media post about it knives come out. It happened to Jay Cutler just this year. He posted pictures of a massive bull and the negative comments started flying.

Now it is conservative Senator Ted Cruz who faces internet scorn. He posted pictures of a beautiful typical buck that he killed while in south Texas and his opponents became unglued.

This picture was all it took to make a bunch of democrats hopping mad. Here is a sample of the comments his post elicited.

A large number of comments are calling the Senator worthless and wishing the deer was still alive instead of him. While others are make sort of vailed death threats.

This is of course in reference to the time Vice-President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter while bird hunting. The connotation is not lost that these people want to see Ted shot.

Or you get this one, that makes another death threat by the hands of a famous democrat/

Some have implied that he killed this on a game ranch.

Honestly, we are not sure where Ted killed the buck. It could have been high fence, low fence, or no fence. The location is not important. what is important is all the vitriol being poured out towards him.

These past few weeks millions of hunter hit the woods and harvest hundreds of thousands of deer. If any of us were famous this same tactic of bullying would have been leveled at everyone of us by people that know really little about hunting.

Last year I wrote a book that explains why we hunt and why it is still a relevant practice in modern society. Not only do I explain the process to nonhunters, but I also show hunters how to be ambassadors for our sport and how to educate nonhunters.

The book is availible for purchase on Amazon.

It was good to see that not all of the comments were negative there were some comments showing support.

That page is out of Hank Shaw’s cook book, Buck Buck Moose and that recipe is delicious. I know from personal experience.

Here at the hunting news we support all forms of legal and ethical hunting it does not matter what side of the political spectrum you call home. Big shout out to Ted Cruz and enjoy the meat and the mount.