Sentencing for Man Involved In Wild Deer Sausage Sting That Ended In High Speed Chase


A Louisiana man who authorities say was caught in an illegal deer sausage sting will avoid prison time.

The Advocate cites an arrest report that says 31-year-old Brandon J. Engham sold 10 pounds of wild deer sausage for $60 to an undercover state wildlife and fisheries agent in March. He fled after the sale, crashing into an agent’s car and leading authorities on a chase that reached 95 mph.

A search of his two homes yielded 10 cleaned raccoon carcasses and packages of deer sausage, fish fillets, shrimp and unknown meat. Engham later told agents he bought the deer meat and raccoons from a Mississippi seller.

He also acknowledged trying to sell blue crabs without a license. Per a plea agreement, he received five years’ probation and a $1,000 fine.

Lets not forget that selling wild game in this country went horribly wrong in the 1800s. Market hunting lead us to wiping out most wild animals in our country. Laws were pasted to prevent the sale of wild game and bring our wild animals back from the brink of extinction. These laws may seem silly to some people, but they are a vital part of the North American Model of Conservation.