Sheep Tumbles 1,500 Feet, Taxidemist Works a Miricle

A mountain hunter’s worst nightmare is having his trophy of a lifetime fall off a mountain and be destroyed. This unlucky Dall sheep hunter, Dave Embry, had that happen to him.

His ram fell 1,500 feet down a mountain and was a mess at the bottom. I have always said Taxidermists are artists, but in this case, this one is a miracle worker. You will not believe the finished product.

Dennis Harris posted the following story to his Facebook page along with a series of pictures detailing the damage. He then show the final product and it is truly miraculous.

They DON’T and can’t teach you this stuff in Taxidermy School…They can’t because and most will never be able to fix things like this….50 years experience and never have I failed to produce a NICE acceptable mount under any extreme circumstance. Some know me by the nickname Air Harris, but really, to the close few I’m the Garbage man….Can pick something out of another taxidermist garbage and make things HAPPEN……
Dahl Ram 1,500 ft fall……Before and After…..First set of pics bottom of mountain after fall..not good …then salted cape….neck not looking good …..The pics of tanned skin returned from tannery, over form before repairs. face cuts dozens of them. skin missing, and nose mangled, huge gash over left eye. Nose virtually destroyed. Entire right side of face split open, Rock cuts everywhere and entire neck slashed…Huge Gash….NOT GOOD …..New CAPE NOPE..No Patches from another skin either…..The Garbage Man strikes
again…..NO PHOTOSHOP ! Not Perfect but real real happy....

Here is an few of the pictures from his post to see them all click on the post at the bottom of the page.

Here is what the cape looked like When the Taxidermist got it back.

And now the big reveal. Remember this sheep fell 1,500 feet, now look at him

Needless to say the hunter was happy. He commented the following on the original post.

Wow is all I can say and THANK YOU SO MUCH DENNIS! YOU ARE THE MAN! (Garbage man!). I can’t express how absolutely amazed I was to see this post and these pictures. I shot this ram from 401 yards away on a ridge on a mountain away from him (the only way we could get to him after 2 days). After the shot he dropped like a rock and seemed to be anchored but 1 last kick got him over the edge of ……not a cliff…..but the whole mountain almost. It was so steep, we never saw where he landed and had to hike back down our mountain and back up the draw of the other mountain where we found him at the bottom looking like the first photos here. He also had broken the tip of one horn but it was still attached luckily. I was sick. No one could have restored this beautiful animal back the way you did. What a professional! Thank you so much!

I would be Thankful as well. Great Job Dennis Harris you are a miracle worker.

If you want to see all the photo from the original post click HERE