Sheriff Ambushes Murderer, Kirby Wallace From Treestand

The Henry County Sheriffs Department used an old deer hunting tactic to catch wanted man, Kirby Wallace.  Most hunters are familiar with a deer drive, but for those who are not here it is. Basically some guys push through an area and try and push deer towards others waiting in stands.

According to CBS News.

Officers found fresh sign of Wallace and got bloodhounds on the trail. Two officers struck out in front of the dogs found a couple of treestands and waited. Before long here comes Wallace.

Officers allowed Wallace to continue moving until he was about 25 yards away and then they pointed a rifle at him, identified himself as a sheriff and ordered Wallace to walk towards him and put his hands to the side.

They said Wallace was cooperative at first, but then stepped behind a tree and came out to the left of the tree with his hands by his waist. The officers anticipated a firefight, but Wallace put his hands back up and went down to his knees.  From there they were able to cuff him and take him into custody.

The arrest ends.

The man hunt started after Wallace attacked a couple and set their house on fire back on Sept. 23.  The wife was killed and the husband was seriously injured. Four days later, police suspect he tied up and robbed an elderly woman in her home in nearby Montgomery County. On 1 Oct, police believe he shot and killed a man and then stole his pickup truck, which was found crashed a few miles away.

With his arrest things can now get back to normal. Schools were on a “soft lock down” and authorities advised deer hunters to remain out of the woods.

A big thanks goes out to the members of law enforcement who took this guy down. And last but not least the deer hunters that hung their stands at the perfect pinch point.