Shooting a Shotgun Slug Made of 24kt Gold (VIDEO)

What is the most expensive piece of ammunition you have ever shot? I have shot some deer slugs that run a few bucks a pop, but other than that I try and keep my ammunition budget under control. I would never dream of shooting a 24kt gold slug. I can barely afford the 100% silver slug they also shoot in the video.

The guys over at TAUFLEDERMAUS received a sold gold and sold silver slug from Dianna Rae Jewelry for a segment called “You Make it; We Soot It.” According to them, this is the most expensive slug in the world.

The gold slug weighed almost 2 ounces giving it a value of around $3,400. The silver slug only weighed one ounce and was worth about 20 bucks.

The first slug they test is the silver slug and it preforms very well. Maybe the lone ranger was on to something, or if you have a werewolf problem this is your solution.

Next they test the gold slug and it preforms great as well. So that type of metal is a viable option at least for functionality, maybe not so much for price.

Lucky for them they were able to recover both of the slugs and return them to the jeweler who made them.