Shooting a Single Shot Pistol Chambered in 7.62×39

7.62×39 is one of the most prolific ammunition in the world. It is the standard ammunition for the iconic AK-47, which is the most produced firearm with an estimated 150 million produced. The round is almost typically used in long guns but there are some exceptions, like this little gem known as the pocket AK.

The Heizer PAK1 chambered in 7.62×39 is quite an interesting little gun. It is a break action steel-framed pistol strong enough to handle the power of AK ammunition. It weighs 27-ounces and an MSRP of around $450.

I would like to say the gun shoots great but according to reviews, it is rough. The guys over at Guns America Digest test-fired the weapon and here is what they thought.

The 7.62×39, though, isn’t fun. I did my part for science and pulled the trigger on 30 or more of these. And I hated every pull. I’m going to say that’s it akin to shooting a steel-framed .44 Magnum. It pops and stings. The recoil hit the web of my hand and lingered in that swell of muscle below my thumb. Sam, who also helped out with this review, felt it in the bones in his palm. About four days after we’d done most of the shooting, he sent me a text asking if I could still feel it. I couldn’t–but he was still sore.

Guns America Digest

You can also buy additional barrels chambered in other rounds, such as .223 which the reviewers said was much better to shoot and “maybe even softer on the hand than your typical .380.”

Into Weapons took the gun to the range and test-fired it, here are the results.