Shooting Machetes with a Slingshot-Gun

Machetes are cool and so are slingshot, so why not combine them, and make an awesome apocalypse style weapon? That is exactly what Jorge from the Slingshot Channel did.

He created a monstrous slingshot gun that propels machetes through thick cardboard. You can tell his contraption is dangerous because he cut himself during the testing phase and he actually decides to wear protective gear unlike a lot of his videos.

In the video’s description on Youtube, he describes how it came about and some of the thoughts behind his design.

A new challenge arose from the clouds of the youtube community: Can you shoot a machete with a slingshot? Now a machete is a very heavy weapon, and strong rubber plus a very long draw was called for. This had to be a slingshot crossbow because the rubber had to be so strong that you can not draw it out with one hand. Also, the danger of hitting your hand had to be considered. The result is actually pretty impressive: The weapon sent the machete all the way up to the hilt into six layers of very thick cardboard. Try to do that by throwing a machete! No way.

Like him, I see no practical use for the contraption, but it is still cool and would be fun to shoot. I can not imagine it being accurate form more than a few yards.