Shooting the Custom Lever Action AR-15 {VIDEO}

The AR-15 might be the most customized rifle platform on the market. They range from simple custom paint jobs to all-out remodels and everything in between. People have made Belt-fed Shotguns and even a Han Solo type blaster out of them, but this might be the most unique custom AR I have seen.

BrickWurX Mfg. designed the world’s first lever-action AR-15. I have no idea why they decided to build one other than just to prove it could be done.

Their mod is designed after the Red Ryder BB Gun from the movie a Christmas Story. It includes custom engravings like, “Christmas-15 Multi-Eyeout0013” and you get to switch your selector switch from “Fragile” to “Triple Dog Dare” to “Oh! Fudge!”

Overall its a pretty cool design. I am not sure how practical it is other than making everyone at the range look at you.

As of right now it does not look like it is for sale but seems to be in the testing stage. Who knows it might be available just in time to add to your Christmas list, just be careful and don’t shoot your eye out.