Shotgun Shell Designed like a Tank Round Packs a Powerful Punch {VIDEO}

It seems like they are always coming up with new rounds for shotguns. Let’s face it they are the most versatile gun you can own. Hunting wise you can shoot doves all the up to large game, and the self-defenses options are limitless.

So when Sauvestre a French ammunition company designed a round that resembled a tank round, I was not surprised but intrigued. The round is called the Balle Flèche which means “Arrow Ball” in English.

According to the company’s website:

The “Balle Flèche Sauvestre” shotgun slug, for choked or unchoked shotguns, smooth or rifled barrels, includes the loaded cartridge case as well as the complete arrow bullet. Its ballistic assets come from the combination of a sub-caliber arrow with a very hard central nucleus surrounded by a mass of lead alloy and a launch sabot made of two ring-shaped half-shells that guarantee combustion gas-tightness but also the necessary flexibility to go down the barrel. The double chamber at the back of the sabot regulates the expansion of combustion gases on firing and reduces recoil. As soon as it leaves the barrel, the sabot leaves the arrow without disturbing its trajectory that is ensured by the polymer fletching and by the shape of the arrow. The BFS is extremely safe to use and is extremely comfortable to shoot with.

Sauveste’s website

I looked through their website and it appears that they are not available for international sales, so If you want some you will have to go to France. However, gun enthusiast TAUFLEDERMOUS got ahold of some rounds and put them through their paces.

As you can see the round is very accurate and is used to hunt wild boar. They defiantly would work for deer as well, but like I said you can not get them in the US and a trip to France probably won’t be worth it.