Shredded Venison Sandwich With Onions And Mushroom

Last week, I made a whitetail back straps with caramelized onions and mushrooms. I got the recipe from Hank Shaw’s new cook book, Buck, Buck, Moose. The onions and mushrooms were outstanding and I thought they would be amazing on a sandwich. So I started putting things together in my head and came up with the Shredded Venison with onions and Mushroom sandwich.

I decided to use a neck roast and some stew chucks I trimmed off the shoulders. These are perfect cuts for making shredded venison. They have a good mix of fat and tendons that add flavor while you cook it. I have used them many times for a Baracoa type taco meat and I used the same preparation as that except for a different spice mix.

For the caramelized onions and mushrooms check out Hank Shaw’s Site HERE: (and if you do not have a copy of Buck, Buck, Moose you need to get it.)

So let’s get started.


Shredded Venison

Two lbs. of venison roast (Neck, Shoulder, Shanks, ect.)


4 Bay leaves

6 Crushed Juniper berries

6 Cloves

1 cup Red Wine

2 cups Stock (Venison or Beef)

A few sprigs Fresh herbs (Thyme or Rosemary or even both)

½ stick of butter

Fresh herbs (Thyme or Rosemary)

Salt and pepper

Pull out your meat and let it come to room temperature. Salt liberally.


Brown the meat in a pan.


Remove meat and place in pressure cooker or crockpot. Deglaze the skillet with the red wine. Pour red wine on top of the meat add the remaining spices and stock.


In a pressure cooker: cook at high pressure for about 30 min. In a crock pot: cook for about 4 hours until the meat shreds easily. Remove the meat and shred.


Melt the butter in a pan add the meat add herbs and salt and pepper to taste.


To make the sandwiches butter and toast some buns, stack on the meat, onions and mushrooms, and top with your favorite cheese. Melt the cheese then add mayo or another favorite sauce.



And pick up your copy of Buck, Buck, Moose today.