Sign Petition to Reinstate Fishing Privileges That Were Banned for COVID-19

In a surprise move, the state of Washington banned recreational fishing across the state. This unneeded move has sent shock waves through the outdoor community.

Right now anglers are doing what they can to try and get the ban lifted. Martin Jones started a petition on urging the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to reconsider the ban.

“Please sign the petition to (Re-Open fishing for Washington State Anglers) we as citizens have been told by our Governor and other agency dignitary’s of Washington State, it is OK to get out and Hike, Jog, Walk, ride a bicycle, and get out and be with nature during this outbreak, so why is it any different for Washington State Anglers not to be able and get out and go fishing, Enough is Enough, it is time for you to stand up against this closure. We can make a difference but you have to participate and organize get the word out, talk to you neighbor’s, explain the importance of how one gets out with nature and the true therapy that one receives being out in nature and fishing, please sign now and let Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee and the Washington Department Fish Wildlife to re-open are fishing in our state immediately.” 

Fishing is a great way to deal with stress and spending time in nature is renewing and refreshing. This ban is completely ridiculous and should be rescinded as soon as possible.

To sign the Petition CLICK HERE