Smith and Wesson’s First Modern Shotgun – The M&P12

Smith and Wesson has released their first modern shotgun and it has a lot of people talking. below is the press release from Smith and Wesson and a YouTube review from Ava Flanell.

A Smith & Wesson® like no other… The newest of new in the M&P® lineup, the Smith & Wesson M&P12 Bullpup Shotgun. Close your eyes and imagine your tried-and-true pump action shotgun, then imagine the space gun of your dreams and put them together… Et Voila! The dual pistol grip, 12 Gauge, dual magazine tube fed shotgun you could have only ever dreamed of.

A dream realized! A bullpup shotgun design chambered for 3” shells but capable of firing 2 ¾ inch shells and shorter length shells in 12 Gauge. Mix and match your buck shot, slugs, and bird shot, the M&P 12 has been put through the paces to handle them all. Specifically designed with home protection in mind, the 19” barrel and bullpup design create the ultimate platform for maneuverability in a compact package, coming in at an overall length of 27.8”. Maximize your load with 7 rounds of 2-3/4” shells in each magazine tube or 6 rounds of 3” shells. Made for easy magazine selection the simple push button selector allows you to make a quick change between magazine tubes and offers a visual cue of which magazine tube you have engaged.

You might notice the M&P12 has some features akin to MSR’s or the new M&P®15T II. Unlike any other shotgun, the M&P12 features not one, but 2 M&P pistol grips. The rear grip includes the hallmark interchangeable palmswell grip inserts to customize each users fit. The M-LOK slots on the barrel shroud are easy to accessorize with lights, lasers, and more. Much like an MSR, the safety controls are fully ambidextrous.