Snake Hunter Uses Python Eggs to Bake Christmas Cookies

Santa sure got an interesting treat at one of his Florida stops this Christmas, when the normal milk and cookies were swapped out for milk and snake egg cookies. Talk about using every part of the animal.

Most people know that southern Flordia has been overrun with pythons and other invasive animals. The state has hired snake hunters to find and catch as many as possible in an attempt to save the ecosystem, so far they have caught literally miles of snakes.

python with eggs
Python with a clutch of eggs

Now the need to figure out what to do with them all. That is where veteran snake hunter Donna Kalil comes in. She is trying to make eating snake more mainstream. She calls them “chicken of the Glades” and has made many culinary delights with their meat.

This Christmas she stunned the Miami Herold when she made Christmas cookies with python eggs instead of the normal chicken eggs the recipe called for.

Here is her Instagram featuring the cookies:

You can see the egg down in front of the Marshmallows. Here is the finished product. She gave the cookies a little flare with the subtle snake design.

Snake egg cookies

Donna cooks snake meat whenever she can. “I really like making jerky because it’s a great snack, but the meat is also good for pasta sauce and sliders, especially when mixed with some other meat like hog.”

Her top cooking tip: “Don’t overcook python. It’s really tricky to get it right. It takes practice.”

The biggest concern with eating snake is they tend to be high in mercury. To combat this Donna uses a home test kit to determine the amount of mercury in the meat and also she sticks to eating the smaller snakes that contain less than the bigger ones.

Now the big question, Would you try it?