Spearfishing Halibut World Record Broken In Alaska

A Florida man traveled to Homer, Alaska with a goal, to freedive and spearfish for Halibut. It was a daunting undertaking, but in the end, it was well worth the hardship. The man is now a world record holder.

According to NBC 3 KTUU Anchorage, John Dornellas a freediving instructor from Flordia traveled to Alaska in search of halibut. It took him a few days to locate fish in shallow enough water, but when he did he made it count.

He spotted the fish in 100 foot of water and was able to spear the fish. After an intense fight, he was able to wrestle the fish to the boat and the crew got it on board.

The fish weighed in at 149 pounds which smashed the previous Pacific Halibut spearfishing record of 96.2 pounds.

Congratulations on the catch of a lifetime and the new world record. I highly recommend clicking on the KTUU’s link and reading the entire story, you won’t be disappointed.