Spook Span ignites controversy after turkey hunter gets attacked by Florida Panther

A recent post by hunting personality Spook Span announced a Florida Panther attacked a guide in Florida. As far as we know this is the first-ever confirmed attack by a Florida Panther.

The attack happened to a guide named Jason from Land of the Giant’s outfitters. The attack occurred when Jason was turkey hunting. The Panther stalked and attacked Jason and fortunately decided not to kill him!

Spook Span ended his post by suggesting a Panther season should be opened up in Florida. This is a controversial idea since there are not many left in the wild. There were 6-20 left in the 1970s and the population has grown to an estimated 200 in 2020.

We should be taking steps to limit human conflict with the Florida Panthers. In my opinion, 200 is not even close to a huntable population. We should not take the option off the table as this population continues to grow, but for now, we should hold off on killing an animal with this low of a population.

here is the original post from Spook Span.

My good friend Jason from “Land of the Giants” outfitting service was attacked by a Florida Panther yesterday morning while turkey hunting. To our knowledge this is first ever recorded attack in Florida.
He was calling a turkey and the panther stalked and attacked him. The panther hit him so fast he didn’t see him coming and hit him so hard it knocked him backwards over 10’ and knocked his gun out of his hand. Sounds like it’s time to start a panther season in Florida!!
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