Sportsmen Unite After Angler Harassment Video Goes Viral

Fish Joyce’s Dock became a thing after this viral video

As far as I know, every state has laws that protect sportsmen from harassment, while they are legally perusing their chosen activity. It does not matter if it is hunting or fishing, purposely disturbing the can be punished, not only by the law, but also by the court of public opinion.

Last week a video of a woman harassing an angler went viral. According to her he was fishing too close to her dock. She even went as far as to spray him with a hose and threatened to have her son, “beat the Shit out of him.”

Joyce spraying fisherman from her dock

The fisherman was completely with in his rights to fish the spot. A video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook.

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Posted by Tony Toca on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Needless to say, this woman’s behavior did not sit well with the fishing community. He was legally fishing public waters. She had absolutely no right to act that way. So in response, a fishing event was scheduled to pack the public waters around the dock with as many fishermen as possible.

According to Newsweek, Fish Joyce’s Dock was created to make a point about the waters being a public space and to show that fisherman will not be bullied.

The event was a overwhelming success Just by looking at the pictures a ton of fisherman showed up.

Areal view of the protest Photo Credit: Phillip DK
More Pictures available at Fish Joyce’s Docks page on Facebook

It is great to see sportsmen uniting for a common cause. Public access is important to all of us and sometime people need to be reminded about it.