Sportsmen’s Alliance Saves Trapping On Public Land

The Sportsmen’s Alliance work hard to preserve our outdoor heritage

The Sportsmen’s Alliance is a hunting advocacy group that focuses on anti-hunting laws. Their goal is to protect hunting and trapping all around the country. Anti-hunters coming after us and our way of life, we need groups like this to do the hard work so future generations can enjoy hunting as we do.

The Sportsmen’s Alliance just got a big win for hunters and trappers in the state of New Mexico. A bill was introduced to ban trapping on public land. The attempt to pass this bill was well coordinated by anti-hunters and was on the fast track to getting passed. The Sportsmen’s Alliance worked with many other groups to shut it down and eventually killed the bill!

This is a big win for all hunters. You personally may not trap on public land in New Mexico, but that does not make this win any less applicable. Anti-hunting groups are coming for your rights and are doing their best to influence legislation all around the country. The Sportsmen’s Alliance is our protection and for them to do their job hunters stand together. We were all New Mexico, united by a common love for hunting and the outdoors.

In a phone conversation with Brian Lynn, the head of media, I asked how many states are you currently working to curb anti-hunting laws? His response was shocking. ” We are currently monitoring 500 bills. I’m not 100% sure if it is in all 50 states. Every state either has a bill we are monitoring or will soon.”

The main thing they do is proactively get bills amended before they get voted on. It is much easier to get things changed before it becomes law. We as hunters do not see how many laws have been influenced by the Sportsmen’s Alliance. They have helped shape laws that affect every hunter in America. For this reason I chose to support this organization.

Our conversation progressed into some of the financial restraints they have. I was informed that they are currently involved in 2 federal lawsuits and 1 state lawsuit. Brian added, ” There is more we would like to do, but it comes down to funding.”

I am now a member of the Sportsmen’s Alliance. I hope that everyone that reads this will see that this organization has helped protect your hunting rights. I encourage everyone to consider supporting them and follow them on Facebook. Hunters will be in a much stronger position when we all stand together.