Squirrel Attack Sends Two People to the Hospital

A Houston neighborhood has been under siege by what news sources are calling a “Blood Thirsty Squirrel” that has already sent 2 people to the hospital.

According to NBC 2, A squirrel that residents said started off friendly and playful, has as turn violent and is attacking people in the Bridgeland Shores neighborhood of Houston Texas.

The squirrel attacked Sharlene French-Amezquita after she tried to stop the animal from chewing up her front door.

“When I stepped outside the door he leaped on me and bit my arm, I pulled him off, threw him to the ground, and tried to get in the house,” she said. “I couldn’t get in the house because he came back, he bit this leg.

The squirrel also attacked Katie Herrera.

“It’s scary,” Herrera said. “I’m just very grateful that it actually attacked me and not my children.”

Residents said they’ve contacted both animal control and Texas Parks & Wildlife. They said they were told the animal can’t be moved until it is trapped.

The news source did not elaborate on what the residents are doing to try and trap it but hopefully, they catch it soon so more people do not get hurt.